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I knew I had to have you, no matter what happend.

They said I was crazy with love.

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Birthdate:Mar 26

Julian is a Shadow Man, a creature of malevolent evil and a member of a race as old as time. Called by many names throughout history and myth (Visitors, dark elves, genies and tricksters), the Shadow Men are, essentially, the primordial evil that lives in darkness. Creatures of eternity, the Shadow Men are created, not born, called into being when their names are carved into a runestave...the stave of life. To kill a Shadow Man, one needs only carve out his name, and he ceases to exist.

Julian, along with his sadistic contemporaries, was trapped by Jenny Thorton's grandfather when Jenny was a child. Freed when she was five, he fell in love with her on sight and sheltered her from harm. When she turned sixteen, he began to stalk her, seeking to make her his own. Through the machinations of The Game, he tried to claim her through trickery, force, and threats of violence. By practicing the art of Gamesmanship (winning a game without actually cheating), he sought to make her his consort by trying to outfox her in games of his own which Jenny won, each and every time.


CANON: adhering to the trilogy.

AU: Jenny chooses Julian. Realizing there is a good in him that can be coaxed into being, she offers him her friendship...and more...hoping to guide him from the world of shadows and into the world of the light.

[info]hearts_andminds: TBD

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DISCLAIMER: I am not Lucas Till or Julian. Julian's made up, Lucas belongs to hisself, and I'm not profiting off of ANY of this, I just heart LJ Smith in all her writerly glory. Don't sue, don't steal, don't do crack, crack is bad. :P
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